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It goes without saying that manicures and pedicures are delightful ways of pampering yourself. But how aware are you about their immense benefits that go much beyond indulgence? Occasional mani-pedi treatments are the key to acquiring a well-groomed look and also to keep your nails healthy. These nail care treatments are designed to give the basic care for your fingers and toes. In fact they are one of the most on-demand salon services in the beauty industry right now.

Having understood the significance of manicure and pedicure, let us now go ahead to discover how these nail care procedures can help our slender fingers and tiny toes. Here we have compiled a list of natural benefits that is promised by manicures and pedicures.

  • Keeping your nails healthy: Day in and day out, our hands and feet are exposed to extreme levels of dirt and pollutants. Regular mani-pedi sessions remove dirt from under your nails and hard-to-reach places, thus keeping your nails strong and shapely. This way even the chances of getting an infection is reduced.
  • Removes dead cells via exfoliation: Being engaged in varied physical activities throughout the day, we often develop a build-up of dead cells or hardened skin and do not get the opportunity to tend it. Luxury manicures and pedicures involve gentle scrubbing and vigorous cleaning using shampoo and a stiff brush that sloughs off dead cells, thus leaving behind smooth and even skin.
  • Relieves your stress: As our skilled beauticians work on your hands and feet giving them the optimal care, you can feel all your worries taking a back seat. Manicures are considered to be a peaceful indulgence for attention is paid to the most neglected part of our body.
  • Makes your skin soft and smooth: Needless to say, a quality experience of manicure and pedicure can leave you in high spirits. As your hands and feet are given a hydrating massage and relaxing care, you can literally sense the difference that has been made by the mani-pedi sessions.
  • Get to sport a polished pair of hands and feet: A beautician will clip, clean, buff, polish, and paint your nails as well as remove cuticles, thus instantly enhancing your appearance. Indulging in mani-pedi from time to time gives you the chance to flaunt your perky nails with pride.
  • Stimulates blood circulation: As mentioned before, the most beneficial aspect of manicures and pedicures are the massage sessions. It counters the tension that builds up in your feet and calves. Improved blood circulation can also reduce the pains and minor aches experienced in our body.
  • Removes tan from the areas: If you have recently returned from a beach vacation then it is the perfect opportunity for you to hit the salon and strip the layer of tan off your skin. Manicures and pedicures can remove the stubborn tan marks with ease while giving your skin its natural glow.

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