7 Reasons Why a Mani-Pedi is a Must!

While manicures and pedicures are a great way to feel pampered, their benefits go much beyond indulging yourself. Regular mani-pedi treatments are a must not only to acquire a well-groomed look but also to keep your nails healthy. Let’s look at the top 7 reasons why regularly tending to your hands and feet is essential.

Removes Tan

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If you have just returned from a lovely beach holiday, don’t try to cover up your tan lines with long-sleeved apparels and closed shoes. Instead, just book a mani-pedi session at the earliest! The combination of bleaching, exfoliating and soaking in warm water works to remove stubborn tan marks, thus revealing your natural skin tone.

Keeps your Nails Healthy

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Besides working hard for us, our hands and feet are also exposed to a lot of dirt, moisture, and other pollutants that can build up under your nails and cause problems. Regular mani-pedi sessions remove dirt from under your nails and hard-to-reach places, thus keeping your nails strong and healthy. This in turn will reduce your chances of getting an infection.
Stimulates Blood Circulation

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The act of soaking your hands and feet in warm water and getting a stimulating massage at the end of the treatment promotes blood circulation. Gentle exfoliation with a scrub also increases the flow of blood, thus giving your skin a healthy and rejuvenated look.

Exfoliates Dead Cells

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The build-up of dead cells leads to hardened skin or calluses, which not only look unsightly but also could cause pain if not taken care of properly. Exfoliating with a gentle scrub and vigorously cleaning using shampoo and a stiff brush will slough off dead cells, thus leaving behind smooth and even skin.

Relieves Stress

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Listen to some soothing music during your mani-pedi treatment, and you will drift away from your troubles as a skilled beautician will work on your tired hands and feet. Soaking them in warm water infused with essential oils and bath salts along with getting a gentle massage will help you relax and be at peace.

Ensures Soft and Smooth Skin

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After exfoliating dead cells to reveal clear and smooth skin, your beautician will gently massage your hands and feet with a moisturizing lotion to leave them feeling soft. Massaging a hydrating lotion deep into your skin helps soothe and soften it for hours after your treatment.

Gives you a Well-Groomed Look

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Maintaining your hands and feet with frequent mani-pedi treatments help you look more presentable and well-groomed. A beautician will clip, clean, buff, polish, and paint your nails as well as remove cuticles, thus instantly enhancing your appearance.

As you can see, a mani-pedi session is not just an occasional treat you should indulge in, but a regular act of self-care that offers lasting benefits. Pick a good beauty salon and schedule sessions every two or three weeks to enjoy clean and healthy nails along with smooth and soft skin.

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