Our Story

We didn’t choose to be curious. We were born this way.

The Mani Pedi Essentials was born of Vineet Bhardwaj and Mahima Bhardwaj relentless ability to question everything they knew about the world of beauty and personal care. Right from when they founded The Mani Pedi Essentials back in 2018, they’ve completely transformed the landscape of organic and natural personal care, just by asking the right questions every step of the way. It’s because of this superpower of theirs that they’ve managed to put together a truly efficacious range of 100% organic and natural products. And it all started with asking ‘Why’.

Why we do what we do.

We learned early on that of all the things we questioned, one of the most important is the source itself. Finding the right ingredient also means finding where it grows best, no matter where on Earth that may be. The right environment makes all the difference to the quality and efficacy of our products. After all, any product is only as good as the ingredients used to make them.